Welcome to the World Tecmo Federation Classic!

Things you need to know:

1. Check the gameplay rules here. Most are same as other leagues.

2. 28 teams in the league, 2 conferences, 6 divisions. 3 division winners and 3 WC make playoffs each year from each conference.

3. The AGE of your players matters greatly. The goal is to have a team that is both young and talented enough to win. Players age and retire based on formula. For example, a 29 year old player has a 10% chance of retirement, a 30% chance of aging (losing attributes) and 60% chance of remaining the same. Young players have a smaller chance of aging and retirement while old players have a very high chance of aging and retirement. You can figure out your players' ages by doing a few different things. You can look up most players on Wikipedia and do Current Season minus Birth Year to figure out their age that season, or you can ask one of the admins for help. There are threads in the "Official Proclamations" section of the forum that detail exactly how this aging process works.

4. Players have a chance to offset the aging process through their performance and also stand to gain in attributes by putting up great stats. The players are "tiered" such that the best players only have to compete against other great players, average players compete against other average players, and poorer players compete against other poor players. For example, quarterbacks with 63+ PC would be in Tier A, quarterbacks with 50-56 PC would be Tier B, quarterbacks with 44 or lower PC would be Tier C. The player MUST FINISH IN THE TOP HALF of qualifying participants in their Tier to have a chance to gain attributes. The higher the player finishes, the better chance they have to gain attributes.

5. We draft college players each season to improve our teams and replace retired or aged players. The new players' attributes are devised by evaluating their potential (how good they were considered to be coming out of college) and their actual NFL career. The way the draft works is interesting in the sense that you won't know what their attributes will be until AFTER the draft. As in the real NFL draft, any player, including 1st rounders, can be a bust, while late-round selections may have a small probability of being a breakout star.

6. We use WTFCphile (an adaptation of the classic Tecmophile) to keep track of statistics and upload .sta files. You will need a login/password to join the league. An admin can give you the password to join the league. WTFCphile allows for offensive players to get injured and miss up to 3 games. WE UTILIZE THIS FEATURE, so having a good backup running back and quarterback is probably a good idea. Do not use a player you value at the KR or PR position.

7. The league has no official "Commissioner" (we like to think of ourselves as a democracy where anyone can voice their opinion), but kamphuna8 is the Board Administrators and is the guy you should go to with any concerns or issues that arise.

8. Thank you for your interest in the World Tecmo Federation Classic and I guarantee you will have a good time here. All of the owners are very enthusiastic about the league and their teams and the league has a very fast pace (2 games per week and a quick offseason). Please do your best to maintain this high standard.

9. There are probably dozens of things missing from this list that will crop up at various points. This is a very complex league with many nuances. Please be patient as there is a slight learning curve for new owners. The main expectation is that you participate in the league and have fun.

Thank you,

-The WTFC community